Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Make a Nice Blog


Whatever blogging software or service you decide to use, all of them will present you with a generic graphic for the top of your blog pages. This is the single most important element that you need to change.

What you will need is your own image, and a font to create a simple title, tag line or logo. If you are not good at drawing or feel design-challenged, then go straight to one of the online stock photo services and splurge. There are also lots of free sites, or you can try a service with minimal fees, like

Simple Photo Borders That Make A Difference
When posting graphics and photos on your blog pages try adding a simple border to them by using Photoshop's stroke command. Not only will this help your photos to pop out from the page, but it will also add another design element for people to associate from your site.
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